Top-5 List

Absolutely great to have discovered that Chris Pramas, one of my favorite people, like, EVAR, is now on LJ, at freeport_pirate.

Also, he put this meme in my mind.

List 5 of your current favorite songs (no order), and then tag 6 of your LJ friends to do the same.

Now, tagging 6 LJ pals seems a little inelegant. Surely five is much neater, by all “High Fidelity” standards.

So. My five favorite songs of all time:

1) The Jam. Going Underground.
2) The Buzzcocks. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have Fallen In Love With)?
3) The Beatles. Ticket to Ride.
4) The Sex Pistols. Anarchy in the UK.
5) The Kinks. Waterloo Sunset.

Number five changes from time to time, but numbers 1-4 have been pretty consistent over the last 10-20 years. Simply put, I chose these because of the enormous impact each has had on my life and/or love of music. Which is why there’s nothing current in the Muskrat Top-5. Radiohead, Blur, Wilco, St. Etienne, et al have been hugely important to me over the last ten years. In the 80s, the Smiths, Husker Du, the Replacements , etc., floated my boat. Slade and Sweet made music that mattered to me when I was 10, and when I first found out that music COULD matter. And this touches not on Joy Division, New Order and Elvis Costello (who now has over 400 songs occupying my iTunes). But as far as impacting my outlook on life, the universe and everything, the above are the five songs wot done it.

Anybody else who’d like to post their list over at my LiveJournal is most definitely welcome.



PS. Yes, I know about Snopes. More on that tomorrow.


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