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Dork Tower #31 and Dr. Blink #2 are in some stores now. They should be in most stores by this coming Wednesday.

The first reviews are in. I don’t think there are any spoilers in these…I’m very happy with some of the points the Comixtreme reviewer brought up.

Dr. Blink #2 Review

Dork Tower #31

In other news, Dork Tower #32 is coming along great! More Igor and the convention, more Matt and Gilly…I’m REALLY having fun with this issue!


And proof that Dork Tower #31 has made it to England, a very generous sponsorship of MUD-CON has been proposed:

Dear Mr Kovalic:

It is my understanding that an associate of yours – Mr Igor Olman is the organiser for MUD-CON, and is currently looking for sponsors from within the professional games community. Given the right circumstances, my company- The White Wizards of the Leading Tactical Strategic Workshop – may well be interested in taking up such a position.

As you know we at the White Wizards have always shown a positive interest in MUD-CON – you may recall the Womble the Cleansing special tournament – Dark Litterapolis – we ran there in 2001, and the re-launch party we held there in 1999 when our magazine “White Womble” began a new (if rather short) lease of life as “InFEARia”.

It has to be said that our latest involvement in the convention scene was slightly controversial: Whilst attending the UK games convention Conception*, our chief games designer Gary Rein~Garfield was kidnapped by a secret society dedicated to the destruction of all d20 games – D20cide. However we are sure that this was a one-off occurrence, and Gary was released unharmed after they got sick of him insisting they all watched Telly Tubbies DVDs all day. Since neither D20cide or its spokesman – the Dark Dice – has been heard of since then we can only assume that the group has split up and is no longer a concern. In fact if we are allowed to sponsor this event then I’m almost certain that D20cide will not attempt to disrupt MUD-CON. However, if we are not…

It is our understanding that Mr Olman or one of his colleagues has already approached Jack Steveson of Jack Steveson Games for the position of sponsor which he had to regretfully reject. Mr Steveson worked for us for a short while between 1997 and 1998 as our second chief games designer under Gary Rein~Garfield; and I’m sure that if asked he will be only too happy to let Mr Olman know the sort of company we are. However, if he is not forthcoming on the subject I enclose a copy of our latest flyer/information sheet for Mr Olman’s perusal – hopefully he will find it enlightening.

Please pass on our best wishes to Mr Olman, and our hopes that – even if our generous offer is not taken up – MUD-CON is as successful an event as it deserves to be!

Yours sincerely,

Terry Rollkin
Head Honcho
<a href=http://homepage.ntlworld.com/caws.uk/wombleofdarkness/index.htm>The White Wizards of the Leading Tactical Strategic Workshop.

P.S. Conception is a genuine convention held on the south coast in the UK, usually in early February, and is widely regarded as one of the best RPG conventions in the country – even if it is dominated by D20 games…

P.P.S. Dork Tower looks fab in colour!


The MUD-CON Sub-Committee For Looking Into Things For Ages and Ages and Ages With No Real Progress is now looking into this.




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