A Mighty Wind…is blowing in London

Still in London. Trying not to buy TONS of, like, books and stuff. By which I mean, “books.” Flying back Sunday. Miss Judith SO much. Gah. I am worthless and weak. But madly in love. Got my usual post-con illness and skludge. But I think that’s more to do with London’s weather than Warpcon at […]

Dork Tower #30

The BIG NEWS: Dork Tower #30 goes to press Tuesday. It will be in full color! Yes, color. Meaning (obviously) Dork Tower will be in color…(less obviously) Dr. Blink and Lethargic Lad will be in color…it’s ALL in color…Now if I can just add color to the letters page…hmmmmmm….. This is my “thank you” to […]


Getting ready for Warpcon next weekend…and fekin’ shite, am I excited! So anyhoo, the comics will only be updated at dorktower.com Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the next three weeks. As soon as I return, they should go back to five days a week. And speaking of Warpcon… …if anyone has any contact info for […]

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