Getting ready for Warpcon next weekend…and fekin’ shite, am I excited!

So anyhoo, the comics will only be updated at dorktower.com Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the next three weeks.

As soon as I return, they should go back to five days a week.

And speaking of Warpcon…

…if anyone has any contact info for Emma and Howard, two of the three Chez Goth winners at the auction last year, would they mind sending them on to me?

I’ve got some nice stuff for the auction this year.

And one really, REALLY special item.

Usually, this is the point before a con where I start going through stage fright, big time.

But Warpcon’s becoming almost like family. I’m so looking forward to getting back and seeing everybody.

Ireland… Guinness… Gamers… cheap flights… great B&Bs…

Oh, yes. OH, yes indeed. If you’ve never been to an Irish con, you MUST beg, borrow or steal a ticket somehow…

Warpcon (and, from what I hear, Gaelcon, too) is really, really something special!



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