Dork Tower #30


Dork Tower #30 goes to press Tuesday.

It will be in full color!

Yes, color.

Meaning (obviously) Dork Tower will be in color…(less obviously) Dr. Blink and Lethargic Lad will be in color…it’s ALL in color…Now if I can just add color to the letters page…hmmmmmm…..

This is my “thank you” to everyone who’s supported the comic book over the years.

To help keep costs down a bit, it will be 32 pages long, instead of the usual 40, but it will still have 20 pages of Dork Tower comics in it, as always. and it will still be $2.99, as advertised.

I am editing and re-editing it now.

I think folks will REALLY like this one. I’m personally VERY happy with the story. In its own way, I think it’s as good as issue 29, which is one of my all-time favorite stories.

It should be in stores shortly.

Thirty issues.


Thank you.

Thank you ALL.


Three days ago, we had a huge snowfall here in Wisconsin.

Two days ago, we had a huge rainfall. And flooding.

Yesterday, the temperatures turned Arctic.

Today, the wind chill is around -20, Farenheit.

At some point, I assume the Plague of Frogs comes.

I am very much looking forward to Ireland.

VERY much.


By the way, the proofs for Dork Tower #30 will be going with me to Warpcon, for the charity auction.

Did I mention I’m REALLY happy with this issue.

And did I say “thank you” to everyone, for letting me do this for thirty issues?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.



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