The Day(s) After

Ok. I’m briefly out of hiding and coming up for air. Just wanted to say a VERY heartfelt “thank-you” to EVERYONE for all the Birthday wishes and cheer. It meant an awful lot to me. Seriously, you guys rock. Also big thanks to some really cool folks who sent some really special presents and cards. […]

Hiding now

I don’t do birthdays well. Seriously. So, I’ll just leave you with today’s cartoon, and go and hide for a couple of days. John PS. Um…because of the holiday and the workload and all, I hope folks don’t mind if a couple of Unspeakable Oafs run on the Dork Tower web site this coming Thursday […]

Halo Halo Halo HALO

Can’t…get…Nirvana’s…”Smells Like Teen Spirit” out of my @$%!#@!!! head now. I have nobody to blame but myself. Honestly, I just drew Today’s Cartoon to show Igor moshing to the words “Halo Halo Halo Halo.” Which was fun and cool and came out exactly like I wanted, and I love Nirvana…BUT… …now…no matter HOW much Aimee […]

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