Hiding now

I don’t do birthdays well.


So, I’ll just leave you with today’s cartoon, and go and hide for a couple of days.


PS. Um…because of the holiday and the workload and all, I hope folks don’t mind if a couple of Unspeakable Oafs run on the Dork Tower web site this coming Thursday and Friday…I’m probably also gonna start running Unspeakable Oafs on Sundays on the web site, as the response to last Sunday’s bonus ‘toon was quite good…

PPS. Had a great night last night, though. The Lovely and Talented Judith and a few friends of ours took me out for Sushi at Wasabi, a truly excellent Japanese bistro here in town that can rank alongside several of the better ones on either coast. This was followed by desert at L’Etoile, truly one of the top restaurants in the country. I had a plate of four amazing cheeses (“Virgin Pine,” a sheep’s milk hard cheese with a nutty flavor; “Buttermilk Blue” from Roth Kase, very sweet and creamy; “Hook’s 10 Year Cheddar,” a really complex cheese that puts the orange gunk supermarkets sell to shame; and “Little Will’s Big Cheese,” a VERY assertive semi-soft that frankly stands up and says “Yo!”) And to top it all off, my cheese plate and a terrific glass of Semillon was on the house!

PPPS. Despite this great night (Judith and Friends and Sushi and Cheese! Woooooo!), I still don’t do birthdays well…but it helped!

PPPPS: Grin.


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