The Day(s) After


I’m briefly out of hiding and coming up for air.

Just wanted to say a VERY heartfelt “thank-you” to EVERYONE for all the Birthday wishes and cheer. It meant an awful lot to me. Seriously, you guys rock.

Also big thanks to some really cool folks who sent some really special presents and cards. That was pretty amazing. Utterly unnecessary, but amazing. Thank you all. Deeply.

Next year, let me choose a charity, though – that’s the only thing that would be even cooler. It never ceases to amaze me how The Army of Dorkness is such an amazingly considerate group of folks, and there are people out there whose lives we could make easier…

Here’s the thing: I’ve got a great life, and I’m incredibly lucky. There’ll be times when I’m in a funk — sometimes a DEEP funk, sure (the character I most closely associate with in a recent movie is probably Charlie Kaufman, from “Adaptation”). I worry too much, and I definitely worry about work too much. But in the grand, cosmic scheme of things, that’s very, very minor.

I really don’t need anything — especially right now. I’m too busy being blown away by you guys.

Thanks SO much for EVERYTHING,


PS. Speaking of giving, I just heard from Jim from Warpcon. He bid an insane amount last year to appear in an issue of Dork Tower, so I wanted to make it a VERY special appearance. Well, Dork Tower #29 is in some stores, and he says he’s more than happy with the result (I believed the word he used was “Brill”). So massive thanks go out to Jim for that tremendously generous donation, all of which is going to local Cork children’s charities…


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