Obligatory Origins Report

I’m just not good at post-Convention reports. In part this is probably because cons are like unto a whirlwind of activity for me. Another reason may be that I possess not the Ken Hite-ish brainpower needed to remember minutia to its fullest extent. A third reason is that I’m usually too busy jumping directly into […]

My Origins Schedule

First off, THANK YOU to everyone for understanding the GenCon dilema. I knew that was both the choice I wanted to and had to make…but your support really makes living with it easier. Now…speaking of big cons… Well, this looks like what I’m gonna be doing at Origins, Friday and Saturday. No signing times are […]

Gen Con and Origins stuff

I’ll be at Origins Friday and Saturday, flying back to Madison either Saturday night or EARLY Sunday morning. In general, this seems a good way to do the important shows, without losing an entire week’s worth of working time (or at least Productive Cartooning Time). Yet while I’m glad to have three extra days to […]

Erin Go Bleargh!

Friday’s cartoon WILL be up. just not now. Soon. I think. Judith is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with the Whad’Ya Know Road Show, and I’m home alone, trying to fend for myself. Work went great yesterday. I finished off a cartoon that I was really happy with for Comics Buyer’s Guide, and then an editorial […]

Dr. Blink: In stores NOW!

It’s been a busy week again. But I should have the online comic updated sometime today. Yay! Now…the BIG news: Dr. Blink #0 is IN DA HOUSE! It *should* be in many comic book stores tomorrow. It should be in MOST ALL comic stores within the week! I am INSANELY happy with this project. I […]

Alive and MOSTLY Kicking…

Hello. Yes, I’m still alive. Barely. This has been one of the toughest two-week stretches I’ve ever been through. Of course, in a cartoonist’s world, “tough” is a relative thing. However: A week ago Monday, we arrived home late (like, 11 pm) after an exhausting four days at KublaCon and DorkStock West. Tuesday I was […]

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