Dr. Blink: In stores NOW!

It’s been a busy week again. But I should have the online comic updated sometime today. Yay!

Now…the BIG news: Dr. Blink #0 is IN DA HOUSE!

It *should* be in many comic book stores tomorrow. It should be in MOST ALL comic stores within the week!

I am INSANELY happy with this project. I just can’t rave enough about how great it is, working with Chris on this!


Sometimes, days just suck, work sucks, and the world seems to suck.

This is officially NOT one of those days!

On the downside, our friendly neighborhood Peafowl seems to have moved along (or at lest gone back to her farm) after about a week of hanging around the house. More’s the pity, as I was growing attached to the life of a Peafarmer and chillin’ with my new Peapal.

In the meantime, a rescue of a snapping turtle has kinda convinced me that the life of an animal expert is not the one for me. So in the short term, I’m sticking with muskrats.

Along with Judith and our friend Letitia, I rescued three animals last year — a gerbil (Wolfgang): another snapping turtle; and a cat (Mechinka) that I found eating stale bread in our back yard. Full stories to come when I have time.

We kept the Gerbil, and we WOULD have kept the kitty (who has a lovely new home), save for the fact that she terrorized one of our other cats, Maude. This surprised me, since Maude tries her best to terrorize the OTHER two cats in our household (Spider and Cleo) with mixed results.

And yes, this is Maude the Hell Cat, looking like Butter Wouldn’t Melt In Her Paws.

But enough with the cat pictures. Here’s what I’ve been working on recently:

Pencils by Chynna Clugston-Major, colors by Greg Hyland! Shipping soon!

I do believe this is, like, my favorite picture of Gilly EVER! I love Chynna’s style in her books like Blue Monday and Scooter Girl. Wow, am I wowed by this!

Munchkin Bites – coming this Fall! I’ve never been hugely happy with my Munchkin covers, but this one I’m really kinda diggin’!

Dork Tower 30 – Shipping in September! Yes, I’m finally able to work in one of my favorite movies into the comic book! (And “The Tao of Steve’s” soundtrack is pretty rockin’, too, if you can find it!)

Dr. Blink #1 – Shipping in September! Did I mention Chris is just a complete GAWD? Diamond Comics Distribution is already bugging us, to find out how soon we could put Dr. Blink out in FULL COLOR!

Here’s the Attack of the Political Cartoonists cover. It should be in some comic stores this week, and all the big chains VERY soon.

This is Cartoon Wil, the character I’m using to illustrate Wil Wheaton’s “Just a Geek.” Cartoon Wil may just end up on a Munchkin card, as well. Grin.

Here’s a t-shirt design I came up with for Ropecon. I am SO looking forward to this con! I can’t wait to meet everyone, and just to hang around Helsinki for a while.



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