KublaCon seriously rocks. A few highlights. * Anyone see this week’s Pyramid strip (sorry – you have to subscribe to Pyramid to see this)? Well, Judith beat me (and others) BOTH at the Dork Tower board game (she played Ken. I played Carson. I only died once), and also at Poker. * Our Hotel Elevator’s […]

Walking on Shoeshine…whoa-oah!

Dr. Blink #0 is now off to press! It should be shipping in two to three weeks! I am so amazingly stuffed full of anticipation about this, you have no idea. Chris’ artwork is just unbelievable. It’s a real privilege working with him on this project. He’s added so much to my original vision, I […]

Friday Thoughts

I didn’t watch the Berg video. I’d heard about it, was utterly horrified and sickened, so I knew what was coming. Knew I wouldn’t be able to take it. Knew it would be, like, nightmares for years if I did. Hell, I get disturbed by the ending of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” video. Pro-war or […]

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