KublaCon seriously rocks.

A few highlights.

* Anyone see this week’s Pyramid strip (sorry – you have to subscribe to Pyramid to see this)? Well, Judith beat me (and others) BOTH at the Dork Tower board game (she played Ken. I played Carson. I only died once), and also at Poker.

* Our Hotel Elevator’s instructions in case of emergency: (1) Do not become alarmed; (2) Push the ALARM button.

* Hanging out with James Ernest and Peter Adkison.

* Not losing any money to James at Poker (by basically making sure I didn’t play him – grin)

* Meeting some real cool DT readers.

* Knowing MOST of the answers to the DT Trivia contest.

* Having Sushi with the KublaCon gurus, Japji and Anthony and others.

* Having a wonderful Q&A seminar as my last con activity before running to catch a plane.

I’m real happy to be home again, but if anyone ever wants to go to a a great con in a great area, I can’t speak highly enough of KublaCon.

Has anybody lost a peacock?

Because, there’s, like, this bloody great peacock in our back yard chomping away at the birdfood.

Peacocks, by the way, are NOT native to the State of Wisconsin.

More’s the pity.


Did I mention that there’s a bloody great peacock in our back yard?



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