On the Road Again

OK…it looks like my schedule for most of 2004 is falling into shape. The good news is, the Dork Tower comic book is back on schedule. Issue 17 goes to press in early March, and everything’s bimonthly after that. More good news: a third strip went up this week here at dorktower.com. I don’t know […]

Bear with me just a second here…

OK. I don’t do this frequently, but there’s something I need to rant a bit about. I don’t get e-mails like this often, maybe (MAYBE) once every couple of months, but this kinda really got to me. Since i’ve followed the Dork Tower book almost religiously since issue #1, I feel obligated to inform you […]

I am SO outta here!

OK. I need to get outta the office and lift some weights. The one problem with working at home is this sense of cabin fever you develop over winter. There’s not enough snow on the ground to go cross-country skiing, so it looks like the ol’ iPod and I are off to the gym. So, […]

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, one and all! The lovely and talented Judith and I went out to a wonderful Madison restaurant called Vin Santo last night, for our romantic meal. Tonight, we’ll be celebrating her mom’s birthday with her family. I’m finally happy with my latest compilation CD. Of course, I seldom actually burn these things, […]

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