Goth Month!

First off, it looks like today’s DORK TOWER will be delayed, due to a last-minute Out of the Box Games emergency that had to be handled before most of the company runs off to the New York Toy and Game Fair. I won’t be there this year, which bites, because I had a great time […]

For the KIDS!

Irish convention-goers are known for their unbelievable generosity. They regularly raise sums of money unheard of at American of English cons. Mostly – I think – this is because the Irish nature is wondrous and giving to a fault. The fact that Irish cons ALSO hold their charity auctions in pubs might have a teeny […]

Chez Goth

Remember all those projects I was telling you about? Here’s one I finished off recently…for all you Gilly fans: CHEZ GOTHWritten by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by John Kovalic Angst. Nookie. Roommates. Just another Friday night at Chez Goth. This stand-alone game puts a new spin on the award-winning (and all too realistic) Chez Geek. […]

London Calling

Unbelievable. I’m here in London, staying with my sister after warpcon (some HUGE news from there, by the way…tune in tomorrow…), and for the most part, I’ve been finishing up a ton of work. Part of this is sending a lot of images back across the Atlantic. To do so, I’ve been lugging my trusty […]

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