I am SO outta here!

OK. I need to get outta the office and lift some weights.

The one problem with working at home is this sense of cabin fever you develop over winter. There’s not enough snow on the ground to go cross-country skiing, so it looks like the ol’ iPod and I are off to the gym.

So, what’s new? Well…

* The work day started today at 6 am, so I’m a bit exhausted. Especially since YESTERDAY’S workday ended at 9 pm. But lotsa good stuff came out of it. Liz Rathke and I got together to work up some new SnapDragons material, and I finished off a short piece of fiction (about 3,000 words) that will be appearing in Guardians of Order’s Path of the Bold anthology.

Path of the Bold

Path of the Bold presents all-original tales of superpowered action and mystery set in the Silver Age Sentinels universe.

ISBN: 1-894938-43-7
Product Code: 13-902
Price: $14.95US ($19.95CAN)
Release Date: May

It’s the first non-cartoon fiction I’ve produced in a while, so I want to make it the best I can. Writing is NOT like riding a bike: when I was at the State Journal, I could just crank out stories on a daily basis. This is a wholey different beast. I’ve been very deliberate in going over this one, and it’s taken several weeks of off-and-on work. “SF” (the working title of the piece) is a bit of a quirky story, and I hope folks like it. I don’t want it to be the last fiction I do…it’s been an interesting excercise.

* I could be wrong, but I assume some people are gonna misread today’s cartoon, and get all kinds of pissed off. We’ll see.

* I just realized that two fairly prestigious entities that ran some work of mine — The New York Times (for a cartoon) and Rolling Stone (for some writing) — have never, in fact, paid me. It’s not like they even were gonna pay me a lot! Geeze. No wonder media moguls get rich…

* I’ve decided on how exactly Gilly and Walden will be introduced in the online strip, and I’m kinda happy about that.

* Somebody e-mailed me a picture of this cute model, posing semi-nekkid with a copies of “A Clockwork Orange,” “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and…”Heart of Dorkness” across her chest. (The photo sez “ishootmyself.com” on it, so I assume that’s where it’s from originally).

* And I’ve still got this bloody brace on my right wrist, from my weird weekend. Fortunately, I can draw OK, but typing is now, weirdly, a pain…

Oh, yeah. I *definitely* need to work out…



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