Robert E. Bates

Robert E. Bates, 1981 – 2001 Judith and I went to see the French movie Amélie last night. It’s a blithe, enchanting celebration of life, and I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. On our return home, I discovered my friend and gaming industry compatriot Phil Lacefield had called and left a message […]

PVP Fix!

I Want My PvP! My compadre, cartooning bud and partner in Dork Storm crime, Scott Kurtz, is in infosphere limbo. His website,, has been down for a week. Which has meant no PvP. Which has meant we’re all suffering for our daily fix. L est people panic, have no fear. PvP will be back […]


Well, it’s getting to that point where there are far more things going on than I’ve got time to jot down here. Since Dork Tower will be on vacation next week, I’m trying to put up something extra every day for the rest of this week. Yesterday, it was the extra TUESDAY Dork Tower. And […]

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