A Quick Post-It Lunch Notes FAQ


For various reasons, this morning was a little bit of a down day (no Duck pun intended).

So here’s something that always makes me happy.

The Week in Post-it Lunch Notes for Daughter, Age 8:








(She has pizza or subs supplied by the school on Fridays).


Wait. Schools Have Microwaves Now? I dearly hope so, or drawing these the past four years has all been for nought.

What on Earth Only Needs Microwaving for 30 (40; 45) Seconds? Toasted cheese sandwiches; quesidillas; pizza slices; veggie chicken nuggets; mac and cheese; etc. Though we include an ice-pack in her lunch, the food has usually thawed by lunchtime, and doesn’t need much microwave time.

What Does She Get For Lunch? See above.

Does She Save These? She does.

Do You Repeat Any? I try not to. But sometimes I may have to reuse an old one, if the morning is rushed.

Is It a Lot of Pressure to Come Up With New Ones? At 6 am, it sure is.

She Should Publish These in a Book When She’s Older. I would never be so cruel to a child as to tell them they should take up publishing.

No Really She Should. And watch it outsell my other books.

Does She Always Get Food that Needs Microwaving because Otherwise You Wouldn’t Be Able to Draw Awesome Stuff Each Day? No, but some mornings I’m almost tempted to send her off to school with PB&J because I’m so rushed. Almost.

What Do Other Kids Think of You Doing These? I’m just this dad, y’know?

Seriously, Though – Does She Swap Them for Anything? They all seem to come home, which is good for family memories, but reinforces the feeling that sometimes I literally can’t give away my work.

Not Even Cigarettes? <Block.>




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