Muskrat Mailbag 27.05.14 – Origins, Prequels, and Naughty Words


When at Origins will you be in “artists alley” or similar That is available to meet fans, etc

Harold Shindel – Columbus, OH

I’ll probably be at a special guest signing area that Origins has – not sure of what times, but I’ll be there at least once a day.

I should also have some signings at the Steve Jackson Games booth.

Not sure of times, but times should be posted, once there!

I won’t have an artists’ alley booth, I fear. I’ll just be hanging around like a total namer-do-well!


I want to start by saying that I am a huge fan if your work. Munchkin and Dork Tower are some of my most favorite geeky pleasures. So much so that my daughter had caught the bug and recently asked to go to a comic book store for the first time so she could buy a Dork Tower comic. I love that she wants to explore geekdom through your eyes.

Recently though I read the “don’t be this guy” comic and was saddened because I know that she’s going to ask me what OMFG means. I understand that an occassional “bad ass bandana” is a part of geek humor. I was just excited that your comic was once source of entertainment that I thought she could view without supervision.

Please recognize that this is in no way meant to upset you or make you change your style. I just ask that if you can’t say it in a PG movie, that recognize that there are kids readijg too and that you try to avoid it. Your clean humor is enough to keep us all laughing.

Forever a fan,

Jeff Vosen

Thanks so much for writing.

He’s saying “Oh My Freaking Goodness,” right?

Not to downplay your concerns, and I do keep these things in mind, but these days, even the marvelous kids’ show Peg + Cat uses “OMG” on a regular basis.

The extra “F” was added deliberately with this particular character, because he’s a jerk. He’s an angry and inappropriate, a total douche. But don’t expect to see anything stronger. And I’m not sure I’d have anyone else in the strip use this.

It’s a fine line to balance, and I may get it wrong from time to time, or indeed frequently, and I may have done so here. Rest assured I don’t try to shock for shock’s sake.

I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I understand and appreciate your concerns, and I’ll definitely take them into account as I go on.

PS: Given the above, I thought you’d appreciate this, from last night.


You rail against the “Fake Geek Girl” phenomenon (and rightfully so), but now you’re ridiculing the SW Prequels and, by extension, the people who like them? I’m disappointed.
Mark Becker
 I made a lot of friends because of the prequels. People who just loved Star Wars. Remember when people liked stuff? Now it’s just internet and hate.
Dan Dubinsky

First off, are you trolling us with “Best. Dad. Evar”? If so, well done sir. If not, my advice…dude, let it go. Just as the original trilogy was made for our age group (I’m 44 years old), the prequels were made for the kids, not older geeks like us. I work in a public library and I can assure you LOTS of younger fans really enjoy the newer Star Wars stuff (prequels, Clone Wars, etc.). Also, I can’t help but wonder if you might end up hating Episode VII since that one is going to be for the kids as well. I don’t want to come off as all thin-skinned. Heck, maybe I’m just jealous you got to hang with Wil Wheaton. But, isn’t 15 years of prequel-inspired snark enough already? Take care and keep up the stellar work.
P.S. Please, please, please – don’t do anything implying Leo Dicaprio should have been cast as Anakin. That just crosses a line.

Corey Goettsche, Lincoln, NE

This is going to come off as almost painful Toonsplainin’, but…all humor requires some target. Much of the humor in Dork Tower is directed at me – what I like, what I don’t like, what I see as foolish in me or my hobbies.
But seriously, to me, the Star Wars Geek Dad comic is SUCH a milquetoast gag that truly, to side-by-side it with the hate some hold towards “fake geek girls ” struck me as odd.
I can dislike something, and poke fun at it, without saying that people who must like it are idiots. Indeed, I’m on then record as saying that as long as folks have a valid reason for enjoying something (i.e., other than “my friends like it”), that’s absolutely cool by me.
Some people, are not going to like what you like. Some people not gonna like what I like. That’s grand and glorious. I’m all about what’s cool and positive and fun. I’m truly sorry this cartoon was over the line for you, but I honesty see it as a slight bit of fun. I mean, really, if you love the prequels, that’s grand for you.
Taking a “tons of people really liked this cartoon” (and they did – it’s been a hugely popular strip) tack is a poor one to fall back on. But as a Geek Dad myself with a five-year-old daughter, I  liked this cartoon. I think I’m looking forward less to my daughter discovering Jar-Jar Binks than her discovering…you know…boys.*
Lastly…and I say this with all possible respect…and kindly:
If you consider that silly little cartoon part of Internet hate, the Internet is probably not the best place for you.
* Or girls. Or both. Whatever she ends up being into. Just…just…Jar-Jar…shudder



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