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MuskratMailbagDear John,

My name is Dorothée Jankuhn. I’m a Master Student in Cultural Anthropology at the Göttingen University in Germany. We briefly met at the Hannover Spielt last year.

My master thesis is about German Style Boardgames and their distinctive perception outside of Europe. For that I still need intervievees or people willing to fill out my online questionnaire.

I know that you are a passionate boardgamer yourself and that you happen to like German style games a lot. Would you be so kind and twitter the link to my online questionnaire on typeform so I could get more and better results for my study?

If however yourself, your friends or fans/followers of yours would like to give me an extended interview via skype etc., my contact information is

Thank you in advance,

With best regards from Germany
Dorothée Jankuhn

What say you, Army of Dorkness? Help a gaming academic out, why don’t you?




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