Silurian Homesick Blues

Super Happy Let's Be Logo Day Fun Hour



OK. If there’s a “Doctor Who Fans”/”Classic Bob Dylan Fans”  Venn diagram, then at midnight, last night, it finally intersected – Population: me. I glanced at Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde album, I got a stupid, stupid idea, and the above happened.

At best – best – there are two things to take away from this.

(a) I should never be allowed near Photoshop at 1 am. Ever.

(b) You can never un-see this.

Also (simply to beat a dead horse for a bit):


  • Weeping Day Angels #12 & 35
  • Blowin’ in the Winds of Time
  • The Doctor he is a-Changing (Again)
  • It’s All Over Now, Police Box Blue
  • Like a Rolling Dalek


  • Mr. Torchwood Man
  • Silurian Homesick Blues
  • I Want Ood
  • Positively 4th Doctor
  • Just Like A Cyberman

— John

Dork Addenda

I really hate to think anyone may need these, but just in case: THIS; and THIS.


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