In his Lovely Pink Nursery…Great Cthulhu Waits Dreaming

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Best. Nursery. Ever?

Last year, Dork Tower reader and Munchkin player Jason Cline commissioned a very large drawing of Chibithulhu from me, for his daughter’s nursery.

(On occasion, I have free time (I KNOW, right?) and take some commissions. I don’t, right now. Please don’t ask, or I may start to whimper. I promise to post again when I do, and can take some – PLEASE, SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER? – more).

ANYWAYS, I’ll be honest. I thought that a large Chibithulhu on a nursery wall was a tad…oh, how to put this politely?…”eccentric.”

Little did I know the Cline family was planning far more Chibithulhu nursery fun than I could possibly imagine. Every plushy Cthulhu you could think of? CHECK! A home-made Chibithulhu mobile, for heavens sake, created from the Chibithulhu minis? CHECK! And three – count them, three – “Fathead”-style wall clings, custom made for the room? CHECK, CHECK and IA! IA! FHTAGN! SANITY CHECK!

No, no. That’s not “eccentric” at all.

That’s the Best. Nursery. EVAR!

How many ‘Thulhus can you spot?.

The Cline’s lovely daughter, Betty Jean Cline, enjoying the protection of forces far more powerful than we could imagine.


Cowthulhu and the new Chibithulhu wall cling.


The original Chibithulhu, and Cowthulhu (again).

Here’s the original drawing I did for the new Chibithulhu wall cling, by the way.



—–  John


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