Heck of a Job, Brownie!

Super Happy Let's Be Friends Day Fun Hour
Daughter, Age 4, adores her daycare.

It’s a very spiffy place, and wifey and I likewise love it enormously. It’s also just over a mile away from my studio, and fifteen minutes out of downtown Madison. So while technically it’s on the other side of town from our house, Madison is not a very big town, and wifey and I were headed in that direction anyway.

But back to the point: Daughter, Age 4’s classroom has this bear called “Brownie.” He seems a decent sort, and every weekend, a different child gets to take him home, and come up with a story about their adventures with Brownie.

Super Happy Brownie Photo Fun Hour

A couple of weekends ago, it was Daughter’s turn. And the Wifey suggested that, instead of simply taking photos, I illustrate our delightful child’s story.

Obviously, this was a wonderful idea. Equally obviously, if I turned it down, I would have instantly become the Worst Father on the Planet.

Anyway, Brownie stayed with us a bit loner than he should have, as I was deep into Munchkin Pathfinder deadlines, to say nothing of the Kobolds Ate My Baby Kickstarter. But yesterday, at last, I was able to relax a bit, and sit down with Daughter and help her with her story.

So here it is: our first real Daddy-Daughter collaboration.

Super Happy Brownie Comic Fun Hour

I also drew a Brownie that kids in her class could keep and color.

Super Happy Brownie Photo Fun Hour

Anyway, if you know a kid who’d like to color a very brown teddy bear, you can download the PDF by clicking here.

Alternately, you can download a high-res JPG by clicking here.

In either case, it was a delightful Sunday morning, and all of us at the House of Muskrat wish Bownie well in his future travels.


OH HEY LOOK what was in the background of last week’s episode of GRIMM (NBC)

Super Happy Grimm Fun Hour

It’s even one of the signed, limited-edition posters. I drew a Duck of Doom on it.

They should have known that they were doomed!



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