Dork Tower is 15 years old! Have a present!

Dork Covenant Volume One of Dork Tower Dork Tower is 15 years old!

For the rest of the week, every digital comic at is half price! There’s no better time to join the Army of Dorkness!

Dork Tower #1: Heart of DorknessOver the past two years, our friends at DriveThru have worked diligently to get the earlier comics and trades up. For the first time in the history of Dork Storm Press, every comic we’ve ever published is now available in digital.

There are over three dozen single issue comic books that you can pick up for a measly buck. MEASLY, I tells ya!  Plus, all eight trades are half-off, too! Dork Decade, is one of my favorites, as it’s a full-color collection of strips from Shadis and Dragon magazines– where Dork Tower got its start!

Celebratory Igor Bars not included, by the way…but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t make them this weekend! (And if you do, send a picture along. We’d love to see them.)

Celebrate the dorkness in all of us! Huzzah!



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