Be a HERO! Support the Hero Initiative!

Want to be a hero, AND come away from it with some nifty swag?

My good friends at have a rather spectacular bundle of comics this week – $95 worth of digital comics, in fact – many by some of the top names in the industry. But here’s the brilliant bit – you can get them ALL – including the Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink trade paperback, “Id; Ego; SUPEREGO,” by myself, Christopher Jones and Melissa Kaercher – for just $20!

Twenty bucks!

That bears repeating. Again. This week only, you can get $95 worth of electronic comics for a mere $20.

Here’s the link. Go on. Click over. See what you can walk away with for a mere Jackson!

And all of it – every penny – will go to the HERO INITIATIVE, to help comics creators who have fallen on hard times.

Every. Single. Penny.

The hero Initiative does great work, as you can see by popping over to their site.

So go on! Be a hero!

Who knew being a hero was so easy?


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