Ch-ch-ch-changes (to the site)

At some point today, the new website goes live.

It’ll be a soft launch, and there will be tweaking in the upcoming month…But giant muskratty thanks to new webmaster Andrew Shell for all his hard work in making this come to pass! And massive, MASSIVE thanks to magic Monica Valentineli for shepherding this through! It would NOT have been done without her!

The early archives are fixed, and it should make for a far more pleasant browsing experience. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be going through everything to index and tag it. Please bear with us: there are close to 800 comics that I never saw fit to tag when I created them!

But for the moment, I’m thrilled, and grinning line an idiot. IT’S. ALMOST. HERE!

Thanks everyone for putting up with the website mess stuff for so long!

If there’s something specific you’d like to see on the site, drop me a line and let me know. At some point, a proper store will be added, along with a CafePress section, a place for fan art (I get quite a bit of this sent to me, and it deserves to be seen), and more.

Oh, brave new world!



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