Muskrat Ramblings, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Muskrat Ramblings
Paul and Storm Und Drang
posted by John

HEY! There are five days left for the big year-end PDF sale of my stuff! AND THIS INSLUDES A FREE COPY OF DORK TOWER #7: the Holiday Special! You don’t even need to buy anything to get this. It’s FREE! For YOU! Happy holidays!

But we’ve got to make room for new electrons in 2012, so from now until January 1, ALL PDFs of my stuff is 25% off, at Drive Thru Comics PDFs of:

Also: THIS –

Super Happy Paul and Storm and Ted and Alice Doyle Hour

I think secretly believe Paul and Storm should open for Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper, just so the billing could be Paul & Storm & Ted & Alice.



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