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404 Error: Your Website Sucks
posted by John

One of the problems when a website goes wonky is your utter inability to let people know your website’s gone wonky. Well, apart from trusting them to be clever enough to realize the wonkiness, and guess that it’s not just you being lazy.

And by “you,” I, of course, mean “me.”’s been wonky a few times, this last week. At the moment, it seems to go down faster than Charlie Sheen at a coke party. But I was able to struggle onto the site today, and finally get yesterday’s cartoon up. (And yes, thanks, SyFy WAS offering an iPod Nano for RTs).

There are lots of changes going on, here at Muskrat Central. One of them is a big redesign of the site. I’m hoping this will lead to luxuries like, for example, saaaaaay, less bugginess, and an archive you can actually USE. And a link to the first cartoon that actually, you know, WORKS…

As I said” luxuries.

I’ll try and post full details soon, but I have some terrific people helping me, and it may soon be time to retire the hamster on its wheel that’s powering the whole thing.

I’m not sure if the site will remain buggy in the meantime, but I really do want to thank everyone who’s stuck with it while the technical difficulties provided untold hilarity on this end.

We’re working on making things better.

And then, we party.

====== John


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