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You’re a Good God, Charlie Thulhu
posted by John


The technique is a bit rusty, but I’m happy with how it’s looking. BUT…it’s my first new painting in over a year. Almost done. The line quality needs to be bumped up a bit, but overall, I’m happy with it. And I believe I shall call it: “You’re a Good God, Charlie Thulhu.”

Or something.

Cthulhu Happy Fun Charity Hours

Cthulhu Happy Fun Charity Hours

Also: it’s a large-ish piece, as you can see.

Cthulhu Happy Fun Charity Hours

And here’s the good news: It’s for a charity auction that’s VERY near to my heart. IF IT MUST BE YOURS, well, soon, it sure could be!

This will be auctioned off online – how, I’m not entirely sure yet. Butr we’ll cross that bridge when we burn it. So anyone and everyone is welcome to bid on it.

Proceeds will go to help establish The James J. Forsmo Memorial Art Scholarship at the University of Wisconsin. Jim was my first graphics editor, and a HUGE help to my career. He was a deeply great guy, and I’ll post more about the silent auction in Phoenix, AZ, as well as how you can bid on Charlie Cthulhu, here, soon.

But for now, I hope you like the piece, even if it’s not quite done.

Oh, good god. I mean “grief!”



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