MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS, Friday, August 6, 2010

Muskrat Ramblings
posted by John

Those following me on Twitter and Facebook may know that, at some point yesterday, the Flick Racer game by my friend James took the lead in the Cadburys Pocketgame competition…and then mysteriously disappeared from the site.

This was…odd. And led to certainly not a small amount of questioning and gnashing of teeth.

Well, Flick Racer is back up as of now, and this morning I found a very lovely note from the Cadburys folks in my in-box:

“I’m one of the team working on the Cadbury Pocketgame project. I would like to apologise that the Flickracer game disappeared from the site last night; the defences we’d prepared were clearly no much for an invasion by the mighty Army of Dorkness.”

Let that sink in, folks: WE BROKE CADBURYS! Wow. Thank you, Army of Dorkness! You answered the call unbelievably! This is the first time we’ve broken anything (sniff). I’m (sniff) so…so proud of you crazy kids!

Unfortunately, in the down time, the previous vote-leader has now re-taken the lead. So I beseech you all: if you haven’t yet voted, LET’S TRY AND BREAK CADBURYS AGAIN! Erm, no. Wait. I mean, “Let’s all vote for Flick Racer, and then go out an celebrate with a lovely Fruit and Nut bar!”

So, PLEASE go here to vote for “Flick Racer”: You have to sign up, but it’s painless and/or easy. I did it, and I’m really hoping you will too.

Vote now, and get your friends to vote. James is one of the Good Guys, and remember…life is too short for bad games.

Oh. And don’t forget your Fruit and Nut bar.


HEY! If you’re at GEN CON this weekend, why not wander over to the Green Ronin booth (#287), nd tell Chris Pramas about your character?

—— John


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