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Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Posted by John

In case you missed the big announcement on new Dork Tower, Dr. Blink and SnapDragons comic books, you may wanna click here to see what the hoo-hah is about.

I do want to clear one thing up: no matter what happens, “The Tao of Igor: The Collected Dork Tower Volume IX” will be published as a dead-tree trade paperback collection. It was imprecise language on my part that confused some people.

It’s the 20-30 pages that end the book, which should have been Dork Tower #37, that I’m not sure will see a physical life on their own.

The choices are:

* Just print them in the Tao of Igor.

* Print them in the Tao of Igor, but also publish them as Dork Tower #37 in free PDF download form, so people who collected the comic books don’t have to buy the whole trade paperback.

* Print them in the Tao of Igor, but also publish them as Dork Tower #37 in Print-On-Demand form, so people who collect the comics can have it as a comic book.

* Print them in the Tao of Igor, but also publish them as Dork Tower #37 in regular comic book form. Possibly as a free issue, if I can find enough sponsors. Possibly for Free Comic Book Day.

Nothing’s set in stone right now. I really like the idea of Dork Tower #37 as a free comic, as a thank-you to all the readers for being so incredibly patient as I took time off to deal with things these last two years.

But that depends on getting some sponsorship. Never a sure thing, especially in this economy. So we’ll see.

By the way, here’s the working cover of Dork Tower #37 I had, when I pulled the plug two years ago:

Dork Tower 37 Cover

A Dastardly Dork Storm No-Prize to whomever gets the reference. (Hint: if you guessed The Jam’s brilliant album, “All Mod Cons,” you would be correct).


A ton of thanks to ICv2, by the way, who put the story on their front page for a few days. getting the word out about the new comics is Job One, and this helped a lot.


The Lovely and Talented Judith, Louisa and I were in Western Pennsylvania for the 4th of July, visiting family.

(Independence Day has never been a problematic holiday for me, having been born in England. Most Americans are unaware that we celebrate “Thank God We Got Rid Of Them Day” the exact same date, over there. Pure coincidence, I’m sure.)

Anyway, while there, Louisa discovered a children’s counting book. One that was button-based.

For the number two, you placed buttons into a child’s eyes.

The book is called “10 Button Book.” But to me, it shall always be…”Baby’s First Coraline.”

Coraline Kiddie Book

Coraline Book

– John


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