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A League of their Own
Posted by John

The Madison Mallards begin their 2010 season tonight (weather permitting).

Each year for the last four years, team manager-and-now-president Vern Stenman’s asked me to do a cartoon for the program book. I’ve been more than happy to oblige – I’d call it “ecstatic,” actually. The lovely and talented Judith and I adore the Mallards, and getting to do something for them in an “official” capacity is quite a thrill.

So in celebration of summer, minor-league baseball, opening day, and fresh strawberries at the downtown farmer’s market, here’s a bonus cartoon today: my Mallards strip, 2010.

Super Happy Robot Cartoon Monkey Mallards Fun Hour

See you at the ballpark! You see, I’VE GOT SEASON TICKETS!


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