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April 8, 2010
Posted by John

RIP Malcolm McLaren – Visionary, Idiot-Savant, Supreme Marketer, Rip-off artist extrodinaire, Musical Savior, Genius, Charlatan, Lucky Bastard, Hack…more…

Is it too much to hope that the usual gang of Obit Cartoonists will do Malcolm McLaren-At-The-Pearly-Gates phone-it-ins?


Idea One: McLaren meets St. Peter.
MALCOLM MCLAREN: I’m C30 C60 C90 Gone.
ST. PETER: No future, no future, noooooo future for youuuuuu….

Idea Two: McLaren reunited with Sid Vicious.
MALCOLM MCLAREN: But I don’t want a holiday in the sun…
SID VICIOUS: Never mind the bollocks.

Oh, come on. You KNOW there are some hacks that can just knock this one outta the park!

– John


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