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Meet the Press
posted by John

The State Journal’s Doug Moe ran a nice column on some cartoonist guy today. (Links don’t really show up well on this blog. But that was just a link. Hint, hint).

I don’t do many interviews, but Doug’s just a terrific writer, and he’s been prodding me for a little over a year now to sit down and talk.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised he focussed on what I would consider “old news,” but then, I realized I don’t talk about these things very much at all. So, to most readers of the State Journal, this would be “new” news.

I probably shouldn’t put people off, when asked for interviews – I’ve long owed some responses to Kobold Quarterly and others. Especially since that kind of PR is awfully important in my line of work. It just always strikes me as a bit odd, though it does put me in mind of that old Monty Python sketch: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” “Very witty, Wilde…” etc., etc.

So anyway, the column is a pretty concise, accurate summation of how I got to where I am. Well-written, too.

(The story of that photo is quite an interesting one in its own right. I’ll probably post it here, next week…)

Doug’s a prince. And the lovely and talented Judith is a heck of a photographer.



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