Grinning like an idiot, here. I’ve been listed amongst Wired’s “100 Geeks You Should Be Following On Twitter.” Goes to show where Drunk Twittering will get you, in life.

“Twitter has of late been inundated by, shall we say, “normals.” What was once our little playground has become rather more populated. But that doesn’t make it any less effective a tool for communication. It just means we have to stick together, and keep the geek community thriving.

To this end, GeekDad has assembled the following: a list of 100 awesomely geeky-geeks. These are great, creative gamers and chiptune artists, astronomers and LEGO builders.”

The list doesn’t look like there’s any kind of order to the list. Save for Everybody’s Pal Wil at #1, of course. Were it sorted by Relative Obscurity, I’d most likely be #100. Still, seriously, it IS really sorta cool, and I can’t believe the company I’m in.

HEY! Yes, I’d act like I’ve been there before – IF I’D EVER BEEN THERE BEFORE!

Which I haven’t.

Hence: grinning like a dolt.


PS. Um…prolly should note here: I’m muskrat_john on Twitter.


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