Muskrat Ramblings April 29 – C'mon Down!

Apparently, there is a very cool studio close by that can turn my kids paintings into high quality silkscreens. Which solves the problem of me not being comfortable selling originals. I’ll let folks know what the prices might be as soon as I can find out.

In the meantime: two new pieces I’m working on.

Games Industry Meltdown (almost finished):

I wanted to do someone screaming. But thought it would be cliched to have them screaming over newspaper headlines. So I used the Out of the Box catalog, and voila! A self-portrait of John’s psyche when a deadline nears. (Also: I *love* the juxtaposition of Gaming Fun with a Primal Scream (PS. I am neither bald (at the oment) nor smoking (at the moment) That’s the fun with LEITMOTIFS!).

Smoking Cow (just started):

The cow just looked guilty when I sketched him out. So I thought he should be smoking. And on the lookout for Mrs. Cow…

Also: for those of you in Madison, c’mon out to Gallery Night!

Here’s nice preview 77 Square penned on our studio.

I’ll also have all the Mythos Buddies and other toys I’ve done there. So: Games, Toys, Art (wit three fingers). Come see the totality of my professional existence.

Food and drinks available. I may even make Igor Bars…


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