Rest in peace, Dave.

I just got off the phone with a family friend who spoke to Dave Arneson’s daughter. Dave passed from this world last night.

Rest in peace, Dave. Our world is far richer for you and what you have given us all.

UPDATE: Memorial at the funeral home April 20th. Public welcome. Bradshaw Funeral Home, 678 Snelling Ave South, St Paul, MN 55116

UPDATE 2:  Dear Escapist magazine: Great. NOW you’ve still got “Dave Arneson is alive” up. Thanks for making all this much, much easier on those who knew and loved Dave.

UPDATE 3: Received a very thoughtful note from Escapist magazine associate editor John Funk, letting me know that the changes have been made, and offering sincere apologies for any confusion. I appreciate that greatly. Let us now all celebrate Dave’s life.


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