I don’t know if other cartoonists feel the same way, but often when I do a sketch I love, the finished drawing doesn’t come out nearly as nice. it’s almost as if a good sketch dooms a final drawing, for me.

This was not the case late last week.

I can’t say what the drawing is for, yet (go on…guess!), but the sketch was the fourth one I’d done, trying to nail down this character design. I really liked the look of it. And lo and behold, the finished drawing ended up looking (IMO, of course – you guys know how I seldom like my own stuff) even better!


On to other matters:

Did I post pics here of those celebrity chefs I was caricaturing for a game?

Due to reader demand, we added Gordon Ramsay – or, Gordon Spamsay, as he will probably be known in the game.

Here are the earlier…uh…victims:

Alton Brain and Rachael Raytard

Anthony Disdain and Wolfgang Puke

Bobby Fail and Iron Chef Sake

Emeril LeGassy and Martha Stalwart

Jammie Oliver and Nutella Lawson

Rachael Ray is the only one I don’t think I captured at all. I’m not a natural caricaturist, so 10 out of 11 ain’t bad. But I’ll re-do her…



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