Mythos Buddies

I’ve talked about these on Facebook, but not really here.

Dreamland Toyworks recently announced the release of Mythos Buddies a new line of 3″ tall vinyl toys I designed as a follow-up to My Little Cthulhu.

There will be 12 figures overall – 9 based on the basic “Buddy Cthulhu” mold, and three unique molds. Once again, Tom Meier did me the honor of sculpting them. Every Monday for the next few weeks, Dreamland will unveil two new colorforms. Here are the designs unveiled so far:

Buddy Cthulhu and Cthuhu for President

AngryThulhu and CoolThulhu

Think of them as a Cthulhu version of the Smurfs. Evil, evil Smurfs. Cthulhu for President is one of the uniques, giving a thumbs-up…

These should be soliciting in the next month or two. I’ll give a heads-up when I find out where these can be found, and how much they’ll be.

I have been hinting that I have three huge projects in the works. This is not one of them. this is, however, a very fun medium-sized project. It’s been a blast. To say nothing of more My Little Cthulhu colorforms coming down the road…



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