My Little Cthulhu Fandom

OK…I’ve shown everyone this piece of coolness before…

And then I discovered this, which is a laff…

But But Fred Bourgois just sent me this, which is all sorts of fantastic sauce:

(the animations don’t show up on the Dork Tower home page – you have to click the “Continue Rambling” button to see them):

I’m seriously just blown away by the animation on this. And the cuteness. And the evil. It’s absolutely everything My Little Cthulhu should be about.

If you drop by his website, ,, he’s also got some nifty My Little Cthulhu wallpaper that you can download…


Speaking of Little Green, I’m a bit disturbed that so many places seem to be sold out of Goth My Little Cthulhu…and I still haven’t received any, yet…

Also: Why does Amazon list My Little Cthulhu under “Home and Dining”…?


Working on getting today’s Dork Tower up ASAP. Sorry about missing Wednesday. Something big happened. And not in a good way. But it’s over, now. So, good.



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