The Tao of Igor Chapter 2 starts Tuesday

I hope the FTP problems are figured out, and the Toa of Igor Chapter Two will start Tuesday.

In the meantime…

The Dork Tower Haiku Kontest turned out far better than I could have imagined. There were many more entries – and grand ones, at that – than we had room even for honorable mentions. So, it looks like this may have to become an annual thing. (If you want to find out about this and other semi-regular contests, just join me on my Livejournal spot, or at my Facebook pad).

Anyway, cutting to the chase (drumroll, please), we have a winner…and several awfully good runners up. And one not so good, but it had to be mentioned anyway.

Grand Prize Winner

Livejournal user tabbyfoo:
On the first day of
Christmas, my true love gave me
Munchkin and some dice.

On the second day
of Christmas my love gave me
Axis and Allies.

Third day comes along
and my lover gave to me
Chez Geek Expansions!

The fourth day will bring
some Dork Tower comic books
for me to devour.

On day number 5
she outdid herself real good…
Captain Kirk costume.

Days six and seven:
World of Warcraft expansion
and pre-paid game cards!

Eight days of Christmas
need eight arms to hold you tight:
Giant Stuffed Octopus!

Coming to day nine
collectors cards from a game
known as Pokemon.

Ten and eleven
these gifts are gamer’s heaven
a new set of dice!

On day number twelve
she gave the best gift of all:
we play together!

Honorable Mentions:

Livejournal user daffodil_aura:
Gilly…. Mistletoe!
Matt smooches Kayleigh Carson instead!
Critical fumble!

Livejournal user kensan_oni
Igor sets the trap
Milk and cookies near the tree
Santa’s on diet

Livejournal user unclelumpy
I waste ’em with my crossbow
Oh wait, wrong comic!

Livejournal user hackard
Comatose today
Ate too many Igor bars

Livejournal user nvdaydreamer
No, you can’t, Igor
It’s just wrong to level by
Killing those reindeer

Jeremy A. Reynolds (on Facebook)
It is the season
For the Igor To Reason
That all, “SHALL BE MINE!”

Honorable Mention, Sucking Up To John Division

Livejournal user pisica:
Winning Munchkin stuff
means I will rename my house
‘The Real Dork Tower.’

Honorable Mention, Pure Chutzpah Division

Letitia Volden Kunicki (on Facebook):
dork dork dork dork dork
holiday holiday yay!
dork dork dork dork dork


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