Louisa and Dorkstock

OK. Obviously, posts from this point on will be sporadic and mostly brief. I need to spend my time staring in awe at my daughter. Grin. PROUD grin!

Hundreds of lovely “congratulations” notes from all over the world to be amazed by, and thank you for each and every one. I’m going to print them all out, and create a book for Louisa, to see all the best wishes from across the globe, some time when she’s old enough to be able to tell Denmark from New Zealand.

We’re all home, and Louisa has a remarkably sweet disposition. We’ve gotten far more sleep these last three nights than Hollywood has ever led us to believe. Fingers crossed…

Dorkstock: obviously, this will keep me away from Dorkstock for a bit this weekend, but I do hope to be there Saturday afternoon and evening, especially for the Beef-A-Roo dinner. I’ll try6 and pop in Friday afternoon, as well, but I’ll be quite busy staring at my daughter (who can’t, alas, alack, make it), so I’m not promising anything for tomorrow.

I will bring down two new games, to play the heck out of on Saturday: the Ninja vs. Ninja prototype, as well as a new party game I’m developing. It’s something I’m really excited about, and I hope folks like it.

In the mean time, a few folks have asked for more pictures. I won’t post many, here, but these few do seem to show her at her best, first one day old, then five days old.

Yes. that’s an iPhone next to her. Note to all parents: the aSleep app totally rocks, as far as newborns go!

I do have plans to put *something* up on DorkTower.com on a regular basis, as well, but more on that later. We now must rush out the door to Louisa’s first doctor’s appointment.

Poor kid…

See some of you folks in Rockford, Saturday!


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