MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS: Life Happens – and Keeps Happening

Sorry for the radio silence last week. Sometimes, Life Happens. There’s some giant stuff going on right now at Casa Muskrat, and making sure I have the time to give various things the time they deserve has been a bit stressful.

Four potentially giant opportunities have come a-knocking. Of course, they all came at the same time. So we’ll see if any of them actually pan out. But they and other things kinda of have me living on pins and needles these days. Will there be other sporadic points where I don’t update I hope not – especially given how the last year and a half has pretty much been on target, update-wise. But I can’t rule it out. I’d have run some repeats last week, but it would have felt a bit odd, what with being in the middle of an ongoing series, and all. Big stuff. Not allowed to talk abut. Trust me on this one.

Anyways, with luck, there’ll be a big announcement in October or November. Until then, my fingers are crossed…

Re: Igor At The Plate – This series isn’t generating as many comments as others have, but I’m having a lot of fun with it. I get a kick out of throwing characters into unfamiliar situations. Those are the points when they tend to take on a life of their own, and go off in directions you never could have predicted at the start of the run.


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