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Dorkstock VII: The Year of the (Musk)Rat. Finally got the logo done. Yay!

Yup, Dorkstock is happening again this year, as a convention-within-a-convention at Rock-Con, the pride of Rockford, Illinois.

I’m not joking: Rock-Con is a superb little convention, mostly miniatures, but that’s where Dorkstock comes in! We’ll have games galore! We’ll have Igor Bar contests! We’ll have trips to Beef-A-Roo! It’ll be an absolurte blast! So come on down, and say “hi” to the Army of Dorkness!


I’ve noticed that whatever I post on the new Dork Tower web site tends to get picked up by the LiveJournal Dork Tower feed. So I’ll try not to post on the main site too often. Probably only Tuesdays and Thursdays, with briefer updates and ramblings going on my LiveJournal site. Since not everybody’s into LJ, I’ll try and mirror this as best I can on my MySpace page, my Facebook page or my new Blogspot home. But until someone comes up with a way that these can be automatically mirrored, these last three spots may be spottier.


The Lovely And Talented Judith and I went up north for the weekend, to the Whad’Ya Know road show in beautiful Door County, WI. (MUNCHKIN GAG ALERT: As Steve Jackson joked, “isn’t there a Treasure County, too?”)

Door County is a cute little Cape-Cod-like peninsula, the kind even landlocked states seem to have. It is most assuredly extraordinarily pleasant, especially if you like buying cheap tacky souvenirs, hideously expensive tacky souvenirs, or cherries. Did I mention cherries? Door County is to cherries as Forrest Gump is to shrimp. You can get sweet cherries, sour cherries, cherry pie, cherry streusel, cherry jam, cherry salsa, dried cherries, cherry cobbler, sour candy cherries, cherry gumbo, fried cherries, cherry po’boy…

Of course, to get anywhere north of Madison on Highway 42, you have to drive through Rosendale, a speed-trap so notorious, it’s citizens wear it with pride:

It is, also, apparently, a community with a problem. One brought on perchance by TOO MUCH ILL-GOTTEN SPEED-TRAP MONEY FLOWING THROUGH THEIR VEINS:

It was very much the Entire Wisconsin Experience. Who was sitting next to us at the Sister Bay Bowl Friday fish fry (perch, of course)? Outgoing Green Bay Packers president Bob Harlan.

We even managed to fit in a Swedish breakfast at Al Johnson’s, a restaurant more famous for its goats on the roof than it’s very decent Swedish pancakes and meatballs. It was sorta like if Ikea opened a petting zoo…that you couldn’t reach…to taunt you…the bastards!

And, of course, obligatory shot of Cartoonist staring into the Distance, with vast Lake Behind Him.

Anyway, if you say “Door County” fast enough, it comes out as “Dork County,” and that’s fine by me.


Working on Munchkin Quest II (BTW: love that folks on BoardGameGeek are rating Munchkin Quest, even though it’s not out for months yet.

Take a guess what this monster will be called.

Go on. Guess. Try it. Go on….


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