Waiting for GoDotCom

I was gonna run with “Waiting for Godot” series longer than just two strips, but honestly, it just never came together the way I wanted it to. Dare I say, the way I was waiting for it to…


I mentioned the other day that a piece of art was lost/stolen during an art show a couple of years ago.

Here’s a small version of the image. Clicking on it should get you to a larger image.

I quite liked this piece. It reminded me of a French or Belgian cartoonist I remembered as a kid, when I lived in the south of France. I’m not sure what his or her name was, but they did a bunch of posters that involved lots of little cartoony characters running around doing lots of cartoony stuff. Anyway, they made a big impression on my 14 year-old self.

Heartbreakingly, the original art for this was also lost at the show:

EDIT: Patrice Mermoud suggests I was thinking of Argentinian-born Mordillo. Indeed I was, and I’m ashamed his very famous name slipped my mind.)

It’s a shame, because a good friend wanted this piece…

It was the cover for Dork Tower 8, and a riff on a classic Cerebus cover.

A third piece was also lost/stolen. But honestly, I really can’t remember what it was. It certainly wasn’t as important to me as these two pieces.


For those in the Madison, WI area, I saw this on the local community LJ group:


Clothing in all sizes, from wee to womanly! Men’s, children’s and even infant’s (to 4T) clothing as well. Shoes! Housewares, holiday items (because every day is Halloween!), CDs, DVDs, books. Rubber stamping, scrapbooking, knitting and general craft supplies. Kids’ toys and books. And last but not least, the ubiquitous STUFF. Up to ten sellers!

June 7th
8am to 4pm
449 Toepfer Ave. (off of Mineral Point Rd)
No early sales!



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