Coulton Prison Blues

Guess where I’m off to, tonight?

Yup. I’m so pleased that I got tickets at the last minute that I had to do a ‘toon about it.

Every now and then, an idea for a cartoon will come along that maybe one out of ten readers will get. I think/hope I made this one at least partially accessible to the more mainstream side of the readership. But it made me happy, so in the end, I’m just glad I did it, regardless.

This week has been so full of win, I just haven’t had time to do any updating. Sorry this is the first Muskrat Ramblings in, like, a week and a half. Many good things happened, though. And many good things are in the works.

So, briefly, what I can talk about:

Saw Kids in the Hall in Madison last Friday: frakkin’ brilliant. Had front-row seats for a Rick Bayless demo at Chicago’s Fancy Food Show Monday, and got his “Everyday Mexican” cookbook autographed: inspirational. Missed Alton Brown signing in LaCrosse on Tuesday (just toooo tired). And seeing Coulton tonight.

Details to follow at some point where I can take a breather from work.



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