Muskrat Ramblings…literally…

Stewart Heinz e-mailed me this, yesterday.


Spotted the attached on Lake Mendota this evening.



Why…why, LOOK:

It’s…it’s a MUSKRAT! And it’s…rambling.



I needed that to cheer me up, because right now, it looks like I’ll be missing the GAMA Trade Show, in Las Vegas.

It’s almost always a grand time, made even grander by hanging out with friends I see far too infrequently.


Speaking of Madison, and conventions, Jae Walker wrote to tell me of Forge Midwest 2008, a celebration of indy roleplaying coolness.

Best Western East Towne Suites
4801 Annamark Drive, Madison, WI

Some of the finest roleplaying games I’ve picked up in recent years have come from the indies. Apparently, this gathering is open to the public, so it should be well worth checking out, and runs Friday, April 11 through Sunday, April 13 (ie this weekend).

Apparently, it’s annual – this is the third one. Jae notes “The previous two were in the Chicago area, but this year we moved to Madison. The first one had about 20 people; the second 30 or so, and we’re up to 50+ this year.”


As the three readers of this blog might remember, I’m incredibly excited about the upcoming “Ninja Versus Ninja” game we’ve been working on at Out of the Box.

Very closely based on the old “Foray” game by Tushar Gheewalla, I’ve loved this sneaky, stealthy, but thoroughly fun and engrossing game this since we first saw it. Having Tom Meier sculpt my designs was just an added, geeky thrill.

Here are some photos of the prototypes:

We’re also publishing Tushar’s “Letter Roll” party game. I’m becoming a really big fan of his stuff, and just adore “Letter Roll.”

Both should be available soon – by GenCon at the latest, I think.


Lastly, some more sneak peeks at “Munchkin Booty.”

Lots of other stuff to post about. But lots of deadlines this week. So, back to Munchkin Booty I go…


You need more Booty. I need more Booty. Who doesn’t need more Booty?

That’ll never get old…


“Radar Love” may indeed be the single greatest “driving” song ever recorded.




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