Jessica Alba's down with Apples to Apples!

According to this news story, Jessica Alba is addicted to Apples to Apples. Or so she blogged, yesterday.

“She’s taken to her blog to reveal her love of ham and cheese sandwiches – and now Jessica Alba is e-confessing another love: board games. “Been playing a lot of board games lately,” she writes in a new post. “Apples to Apples is a new favorite of mine. I know super cool right.””

Now, how groovy is that?


A couple of things I’ve been working on.

Short background info that doesn’t really matter: Milwaukee’s Town hall is being refurbished, but there’s a controversy about the bricks being used in the project. So the Daily Reporter wanted me to do a cartoon about this.

Can I come up with a cartoon that depends on a brick-based metaphor?

Why yes. Yes, I can.

It’s just a silly little trifle, and was only really an excuse to draw Krazy and Ignatz, but man, I love drawing Krazy and Ignatz. If Schulz was my first and greatest influence as a cartoonist, Herriman was a close second.

Here’s the image, colored in Photoshop:

And here’s the final cartoon:

(Note: Let this be a lesson as to how labels and taking a metaphor too far can detract from a perfectly good drawing).

I really like the original artwork. I was thinking of putting it on eBay, but now I’m more inclined to keep it. Because, God knows, I have room enough amongst the thousands and thousands of other pieces of original artwork scattered around the office.

I almost never sell originals. It sorta feels like selling your kids.

One of thousands and thousands of kids…


Here’s another trifle I didn’t really have time for, but which was enjoyable.

Bestselling Arizona Sports author Rich Wolfe somehow saw my Madison Mallards cartoons from last summer, and wanted me to do the cover for his new book, “For Cubs Fans Only” (Globe Pequot Press).

He had some very definite ideas about what he wanted on the cover. So I just tried to make everything fit as well as I could, steering him away from some elements I thought would just make readers go “WTF?” (Eg: a piece of paper coming out of the hearse labeled “Cardinal’s Chances” – signifying said chances went out the window). I was just glad I thought of using the Wrigley Field sign as a headstone.

I’d never heard of the expression “Whistling past the graveyard,” and have yet to figure out why Ernie Banks in particular should be doing so. But, oh, well. It was just fun being asked to do a Cubs book.

(I also advised against a gravestone that would have said something like “Spitzer’s Political Career.” If Pogs and Disco seemed a Bit Of A Stretch, this would have been a Black Hole Pulling You ‘Til You’re About Three Atomic Widths Thin (And Small Atoms At That, Like Hydrogen Or Helium, Not Decent-Sized Atoms Like Plutonium Or Einsteinium), And Several Swirling Kilometers Long kind of a stretch…)

More info on when and where the book will be available as I get it.


Kids In The Hall are coming to Madison, the night of the day I land back in town after the GAMA Trade Show.

Oh, my yes. Yes Indeed.

Tickets bought. Feeling grand.



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