Playoff, Elections and Other Spam

Regarding today’s ’toon:
Bonus points if you can actually REMEMBER the Green Card Lottery spam, and the brou-ha-ha that ensued. Bonus points because then I won’t feel quite so old…


This is the first Friday in 16 weeks I don’t have to make any picks for the Army of Dorkness Pro Pick’Em league.

Unbelievably, the Gitsburgh Squealers clawed its way to the top of the league this year, after sputtering in second place for the better part of the season. Still, this marks something of a three-peat for me, so though it means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, I’m feeling pretty chuffed.

(The Gitsburgh Squealers, by the way, are named for my Orcish Blood Bowl Team.)

Now, if I had to make picks…

The NFL wildcard teams play this weekend…in general, I’m going with the home teams, although the Steelers have been less than stellar at home these last few weeks (though to be fair, they’ve been less than stellar away, too; isn’t consistency in a team great?) Still, I wouldn’t be shocked at any upsets this weekend, save perhaps San Diego.

My picks are boldfaced.

Washington’s been hot, yes, but much like the Vikings before them, I just don’t see them as a playoff caliber team. I’m not a huge believer in the Seahawks, but I’m giving them the nod as I feel they’re a more well-rounded team, with a strong home-field advantage.

Will the Good Steelers or the Bad Steelers show up? I’m starting to forget what the Good Steelers looked like (perhaps someone from Cleveland could remind me), so, though it breaks my heart, I’m picking the Jaguars, who’ve already beaten the Steelers at Heinze Field.

I didn’t get a chance to see the Bucs at all this season, and their record’s not stellar – particularly as it was garnered in a weak division. It’ll be interesting to see if the Giants’ close call with the Patriots will leave them deflated, or propel them to a great game. Very interesting. Still, at this point, Tampa Bay’s home field gives them the edge.

Of all the teams playing this weekend, San Diego seems the only serious threat to make big waves in the playoffs. The Titans limped into the post-season, and I expect they’ll be overwhelmed.


Speaking of the playoffs, my team just quit presidential campaign. Yup. Joe “No Hope” Biden’s pulled out of the race for the White House. Most interesting to see the second-place candidates, and how they’ll fare in upcoming weeks. Hillary strikes me as the best shot for the Republicans to retain control of the White House, but Obama and Edwards’ lack of experience id worrying.

I’m no Democrat – I’m fiercely Independent, and relatively centrist at that (I laughed heartily when I was once described as a “Moon Bat” for voting Kerry last time around, so skewed has the US’s political scene become), but the Republican field gives me the willies.


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I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed that I only got a PG rating, or that said PG rating came about because I used the word “sex” twice (shock!), and “dead” once (horror).


Whad’ya think? My mug-shot for this year?

Bonus points if you can Name That Location.

And by the way, I just realized I have next to no idea what most of you folks look like. So post a pic of yourselves in the comments section of my LiveJournal blog, if you feel so inclined.



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