Cat Saga, Day II

The kittens are in safely, and Kitty Kitty is at the vet, getting a LOT done to her. Not just the spaying, but all the shots, and starting a treatment for lung worms and a bad ear infection.

The whole experience was far less traumatic than I feared it would be. I bought a big pair of thick work gloves just in case, but getting Kitty Kitty into the cat carrier was much easier than I could have dared hope. Muesli, the six-month old kitten, just sat by, watching.

First, though, I made sure the four six-week old kittens were all in the small shelter I’d built for Kitty Kitty last winter. They were, so as soon as Kitty kitty was safely secured, I lifted the whole shelter up, and brought it in to the spare room, where a large cage we’d borrowed from Friends of ferals was at the ready.

There was water in the shelter, so the kittens were pretty solidly soaked by the time they were in the house. Drying them off immediately was the next order of business, and then trying to handle them as much as possible, and make sure they get enough food and formula.

There are four of them, as mentioned:

* Arancini – an orange ball of attitude. He’s the most developed eater, and is hitting the baby food (or, as I call it, “Cat Pudding”) wholeheartedly. He’s also the most apt to go exploring the spare room on his own.

* Gris – a light-grey and white longhair (at least we assume she’ll be a longhair), who’s cute as the day’s long. She’s gonna be a real heartbreaker.

* Blaze, a darker grey shorthair, with a blaze of white on his nose. He’s the bravest, having let me pick him up first, a couple of days ago, before any of this stuff happened, just a day after Kitty Kitty brought the family around.

* Trey, a gorgeous tabby with strong facial markings. He’s like a mini-Doozer, and even flops like Doozer does. He’s called Trey as he’s the third tabby Kitty Kitty’s had (one per litter), and resembles his older brother Doozer and older sister Muelsi so. Like them, he also seems to be the runt of the litter. But if he’s anything like them, his personality will be amazing. Doozer and Muesli are two of the friendliest, lap-cattiest felines I’ve ever seen.

Pictures to follow. Right now, I’ve got to go pick Kitty Kitty up, and make sure the bathroom she’ll be overnighting in is cat-proofed.

I’m just glad the trauma’s been at a minimum for the family, and that they’re all safe.



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