Spiel and Munchkin and Nav Systems, Oh My!

Back in 2004, the Lovely and Talented Judith and I, along with pals Bill and Tracy, hit the Bristol Renaissance Fair. Because, you know, a turkey leg is a terrible thing to waste.

Anyhoo, I was thrilled when I saw what was in the rear window of the car we’d parked next to.

That was my first inkling that Munchkin was going to be far bigger than either Steve or I had ever dreamed.

Well, that’s nothing compared to this photo, sent from the ever-brilliant Birger at Pegasus Publishing.

Yes. Yes, that IS a Munchkin navigation system someone rigged up. The president of Helveticon, to be precise.


So it makes me feel righteously justified that I just did up a special Swiss Munchkin V: De-Ranged card, for the German translation, which I believe may be available sometime around Spiel.

I believe the title is “Swiss Hireling.”

Anyway, this is probably as good a point as any to announce that it’s official. I will be at Spiel, in Essen, Germany, October 18-21, as the guest of Pegasus this year. Most likely Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And while things aren’t firmed up yet, it also looks as if I may well also be at Dragonmeet in London on the first of December this year. (Their website appears to be down at the moment, otherwise I’d have posted the link… the very sensibly titles dragonmeet.com)


Also: more hellacool Munchkin madness people have sent me.

A Munchkin masquerade card costume:

A Munchkin cake:

If you want a Munchkin — or any other — cake, and happen to live in Columbus, Ohio, Tiffany Fannon’s Icing on the Cake is the place to go! (Thanks for the pic, Sean!)



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